Ryan Brophy-V6 Agronomy







My name is Ryan Brophy, and I am the Principal at V6 Agronomy. As Technical Agronomist’s
we work with growers and private industry across Canada and around the globe. Our
company, V6 Agronomy is centered on the development and deployment of specialized crop
nutrition products and technologies that support increased nutrient use efficiency and
environmental sustainability.

We operate two physical locations in the Canadian prairies and two in Eastern Ontario.
Over the past decade, we have been working directly with our Canadian grower group to
help design and implement practical regenerative ag/farming practices. This initiative has
gained interest internationally as awareness regarding the carbon crisis has grown. Three
years ago, we started to look more intently at soil amendments that not only provided direct
agronomic benefits for crop production, but also fit within the parameters of negative
emission technologies for regenerative ag. Meta and geo basalts meet all of the criteria for
mineral carbonation, N2O emission reduction and of soil remineralization for improved plant
and microbial health.

We are delighted to be appointed sole Canadian suppliers of Blue Ridge Minerals
remineralising Basalt products With the Blue Ridge Minerals, we have tested and proven a
bulk rail delivery model of circa 1000 tons. The result has been a successful deployment of
the material over 12 Prairie trial locations in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Grower and
industry enthusiasm with the project has been incredible! Moving forward, we will begin to
stockpile pulverized basalt at our centrally located facilities and finalize offtake agreements
already in the works.
Our initial target for Canada is 50K metric tonnes over the next 12-18 months commencing
July 2021.

Working closely with the Saskatchewan Research Council, the Leverhulme Centre for Climate
Change Mitigation, the College of Agriculture, Illinois and accredited Canadian and EU
researchers, we will be ramping up our field testing and data collection protocols moving
forward. This cooperation will bring us closer to a universal accreditation and grower
remuneration model. Our action now will position Blue Ridge Minerals supported by V6
Agronomy as a primary supplier of pulverized basalt and associated products internationally